Séanín provides a range of services that are tailored to individual needs to help empower clients...from 1:1 consultations to nutrition writing and providing nutrition workshops for companies.



Struggling with gut health issues? Feeling fatigued? Maybe you're struggling with a fussy eater? Or you're confused about healthy eating? Through one-to-one in-person or online nutrition and lifestyle advice we will find out what works best for you, your needs and your lifestyle with simple, easy-to-follow, no-nonsense advice. 
Online personalised nutrition advice available UK & Worldwide.

"That Gut Feeling"

 A 4 Week Online Gut Health Programme

A gut health membership that can benefit everyone! For those who are wanting to learn about gut health, or whether you want to take care of your gut with easy to understand advice, resources and discount codes.  Looking after your gut doesn't need to be expensive! Book now for this amazing introductory price!

Discovery Calls

We can talk over what your goals are for nutrition coaching and you can ask any questions about the process. We will discuss the best approach to suit your needs and lifestyle to give you the support you need using the latest in research, evidence and advice. Calls are available via telephone, or if you prefer face to face Zoom.Discovery calls are free and are great to see if we are a good fit.

Not sure about online nutrition consultations? 

By meeting online, it reduces travel time and allows you to fit in sessions more easily into your life. All you need is a quiet space and access to Zoom. It is the same as meeting in person. The advice and support is exactly the same, but in the comfort of your home.

1:1 Consultations 

What’s involved?

Appointments are tailored to individual requirements. 

You will receive a health questionnaire to fill out before the appointment so I can find out about your needs and goals to make sure we are a good fit.

Consultations include:​

  •  Assessment of relevant background history- medical history, medication, blood tests, lifestyle 

  •  Measurements

  •  Dietary analysis 

  •  Essential tools (resources/recipes/ plans etc)  and dietary education to take into your everyday lives 




An employee wellbeing programme can have numerous benefits on the health, motivation and productivity of employees; 

  •  improve employee engagement

  •  attract new talent and increase staff retention

  •  reduce sickness absence and presenteeism

  •  improve performance and productivity

  •  increase creativity, efficiency and innovation

  •  strengthen team morale, relationships and communication


Health & wellbeing of staff and customers are even more critical during COVID-19, especially as restrictions are easing and employees going back to work increasing stress and anxiety levels. 


Research shows that companies with effective employee wellbeing programmes have 11% higher revenue per employee.

  •  So why not join the 45% of UK companies with an employee wellbeing programme? 


Here at SMS_Nutrition, I provide a personalised service working with you to create and implement bespoke employee wellbeing programmes and workplace wellbeing initiatives across all levels of your workforce. Whether that is a lunchtime workshop or pre-recorded sessions to share with your employees. Health and wellbeing communications to share between staff and customers including newsletters, website blog posts, fun fact sheets or recipes. 


Being flexible and finding out what your employees need from their health & wellbeing programme will help you have an effective programme.


SMS_Nutrition offers a number of health, wellbeing and nutrition topics that can be tailored to your staff and teams which can be also accessed remotely.


  • Stress management ⁣

  • Sleep & wellbeing ⁣

  • Healthy eating in the workplace (tailored to working at home) ⁣

  • Looking after your Mental Health ⁣

  • Looking after your immune system

And much more...this list is not exhaustive and can be tailored to your team’s individual needs.


  If you would like to implement a wellbeing programme with no fad diets, no-nonsense nutrition, only evidence-based nutrition get in touch.

Corporate workshops